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Sunday, 20 May 2012

PANGEA The Neverending World

A jobless Father, a Mother and their five-year-old daughter Eve, together with her stray puppy called Doc visit the Museum of Palaeontology to see a very special and extremely valuable Allosaurus skull. In the meantime, the chief security guard of the museum is commissioned by an unknown millionnaire to hire some thugs to rob the skull. Arriving at the exhibition, the unknowing family get involved in these events. Eve, following her puppy, ends up in a storage room where she meets Uncle Lucas, the old caretaker, who tells her about the dinosaurs and Pangea, the ancient continent. What’s more, he gives her a gift, a tiny plastic T-Rex puppet. 
The security guard wants to screw his millionaire commissioner and the underworld robbers: he replaces the Allosaurus skull with a plaster replica and hides the original in the storage room. However, this is found by Doc, the puppy. From now on, the lives of Eve, Uncle Lucas and the parents looking for their daughter are in danger since both the security guard and the robbers want to seize the original skull. Uncle Lucas’ gift, the T-Rex puppet comes to life in Eve’s fantasy, and this is how his fantastic adventures start in the endless jungles of Pangea...
- Rexy gets lost while chasing a dragonfly. He naively marvels at every little thing, and his ever-helpful nature soon helps him make new friends. From then on, this little company stumbles about in the wild not void of dangers. During his wanderings, Rexy discovers Pangea’s ancient world but also becomes aware of that merciless hierarchical system where vicious predators rule over the menaced and weak creatures. At the top of this oppressive machinery stands a formidable T-Rex, the mysterious Traco, who is served by everybody… In the meantime, Rexy’s parents are desperately searching high and low for their son, but by the time they find him, Traco’s hirelings have hauled the little dino into an ice cave...
- Meanwhile, the robbers capture Uncle Lucas, Eve and her parents who have just found her, and snatch the valuable skull from them. Although they bravely stand up to their capturers with the leading of the father, and the puppy gets into action as well, it still seems the armed criminals are winning...
- His friends want to free Rexy so they clash with the predators. The wicked ones seem to be gaining ascendancy, but in the end Rexy’s scrappy little troop gains the upper hand with the help of some enormous herbivores, and the little T-Rex can at last meet his loving parents.
- In the meantime, Eve, the Mother, the Father and Uncle Lucas get rescued from the bandits’ increasingly menacing captivity by the police. They get a big reward for saving the valuable skull and thus become rich and famous. 
In Uncle Lucas’ opinion, the dinosaurs have not died out...
Rexy lives on in Eve’s fantasy – or actually in every little bird.


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