One man drives across the vast and barren landscape of Australia's Nullarbor Plain, which has the longest stretch of straight road in the world. As the brash young upstart traverses the epic vista, he passes a slower, more laidback motorist and almost gets into an accident. Seeking payback, he goes after the old codger. But the other motorist proves himself surprisingly intrepid despite his clunky old car and his slow pace. 

As the younger man tries to outpace him and encounters one obstacle after another, the older man slogs along steadily, adding a new, boisterous twist in this update of the classic "tortoise and hare" tale. 

 This entertaining and visually striking short animation -- by directors Alister Lockhart and Patrick Sarell, in collaboration with The Lampshade Collective -- is the simplest and most pared-down of stories. Essentially the narrative revolves around a duel between two rivals, with one trying to pull one over the another. Bur rather than pistols or guns, they're dueling with cars, on a road that gives them to ultimate terrain to battle upon.