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Monday, 4 March 2013

Justin Bieber Upset Over WORST BIRTHDAY EVER!!??

Justin Bieber Upset Over WORST BIRTHDAY EVER!!?? Says Chelsea over at Hollywire: Did you hear Justin Bieber had the worst birthday ever!? Well.. He really did — but then it wasn't so bad? But then it was? Anyways, here's the latest update on what really went down!

Soo this weekend Beliebers went ballistic, when Justin tweeted "Worst Birthday Ever." How dramatic! Celebrating in London, apparently Jbiebs was asked to leave his own party after a confrontation between someone from his entourage and club security went down. Rumor has it the disagreement developed due to Justin's BFF, Jaden Smith — not being allowed into the club since he's well very underage. So that was the first part, and then the second part we hear dealt with tons of paparazzi basically trampling Justin, his crew, and fans.

Anyways ... Justin also took to instagram last night to tell his side of what really went down...essentially saying that the club security was too aggressive with his fans and he just wanted to leave his party.

Anyways... okay... what do you think about this Bieber birthday drama? Do you feel bad for Justin? Or... do you kinda think he needs to stop whining and realize...Whelp, this is the life of a celeb!? Let me know your thoughts

source: Hollywire

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