R Kelly: Trapped In The Closet - Series 23 - 33

Just in time for everyone's post-Thanksgiving food coma, R. Kelly dropped the third installment of his melodic soap opera Trapped in the Closet this past Friday (Nov. 23.) And, the Chicago R&B singer-turned-narrator does not disappoint with his storytelling, although he leaves many questions unanswered.
The third installment, Chapters 23-33, pick up right where Chapter 22 left off five years ago, except the made-for-YouTube/straight-to-DVD series premiered on the premium cable network IFC. Despite it's bigger, mainstream shine, R. Kelly keeps to his Masterpiece Theatre aesthetic, singing along to the trials and tribulations of the Trapped in the Closet gang, back with some new characters. In the words of R. Kelly, "Everybody's got a closet, and their own problems that need solvin'."
As the 41-minute, phone-call-heavy Part 3 unfolds, Kells promises things will get "so crazy," but instead of answering the questions left for fans at the end of the first 22 chapters -- like, "WTF is 'the package'?" and "Where is this thing whole storyline headed?" -- the "I Believe I Can Fly" crooner only leaves the viewer more clueless and hungry for the next chapters. (Kelly says he has some 80-plus chapters in the can and plans to bring the hip hopera to Broadway someday.)