WTF - 21 WTF compilation pics for 2013

1: But its raining out there.. 

2: Yeah baby I like it RAWWWWW.. shimmy shimmy yahh 

3:  Won - Two - Fleeee - Cheese

4: But officer they, stole milk from my kids. I was just taking back whats mine. 


6: Yeah baby.. Tonite... Im gonna get FUUUU*&?@ed UP..

7: So... You come here often???

8: Super Fresh Breath. 

9: Super Boofon 

10: We saw this in TESCO.....

11: You really gonna get served here??

12: Tuck those TIDDIES IN...

13: True Lard Ass

14: Straight Ghetto 

15: Portable Mac Monitors.

16: His hot prom date.

17: Advertising in a whole new way..Microsoft should look into this method.

18: A real MANTASH.

19: You lazy Mother @$&*£r

20: Sorry mother, they have no more wheel chairs. The lard ass above took the last one.

21: Shake your a$$.. Watch yourself. Shake your a$$, Show em what your working with..