Pranks that went that LITTLE TOO FAR - #WTF

Admit it, we all enjoy playing a good prank every now and then on some of our unsuspecting friends and family. The art of playing jokes and pranks is as old as time, with historical documentation on pranks being pulled throughout the centuries. No matter how old you are, or what era you’re from, we can all get a cheap laugh at the expense of the people we care about more. Also, if we’re not the ones inflicting the humorous horror, then, thanks to the Internet, we have video documentation of the pranks and we can enjoy them whenever we want. 

But beware, there’s only so much one can do before they finally become one of the innocent victims of a hilarious prank. Let us hope that it is not caught on video tape! But all joking aside, there is a time where pranks can go much too far, such as the pranks involved in this video. Either the victim really didn’t appreciate the prank and lashed out, or someone got physically hurt, emotionally scarred, etc. the list goes on. There is a fine line on what is funny and what is disrespectful, terrifying, or dangerous. Unfortunately, the only way to find out where the line is, is to continually experiment and push those boundaries. Eventually, we become desensitized and almost anything can become an acceptable prank nowadays, which is clear in this video.